Nov 7, 2012

We Can Learn A Lot from Kids...

Some of you are elated for your "man" won last night.

Some of you are deflated for your "man" lost last night.

Most of us are just glad that the negative campaigning has come to an end.

No matter what, I think we can learn a great deal from Pastor Jim's 1st grade grandson.

Pastor Jim Probert shared a story with me about his 1st grade grandson, Nate.

Nate and his friend were working in their classroom when the conversation somehow turned to religion and God. A little boy turned and looked at Nate and crinkled his nose and said, "I don't believe in God. I don't believe in that stuff, and I don't know anyone who would!"

Nate sat quietly, looked at his friend with a smile and said, "Well, I believe in God. But I'll still be your friend."

Love it!!!

America could learn a lot from Nate.

Whether your man won or lost last night, it's time for Americans to get behind our president and start doing what's best for America. This won't happen until we put partisan politics aside and put America first.

So, whether your "man" won or lost last night, I'll still be your friend.

Now, together, let's start building a better America!

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