Mar 6, 2013

Our Brains: Created to Think the Thoughts of God

No matter how fast, how powerful, how advanced our computers become there will always be something that no computer will ever be able to computer will ever be able to think the thoughts of God or discern the heart and will of God.

Only the human mind is capable of this.

In fact, we can make the argument, the human brain was created for this.

The question is, what are we doing as Christians doing with this amazing gift?

The unfortunate reality is that when it comes to how we steward the gift of our minds and thinking, we are no different than how those who do not know Christ treat the mind. We watch just about the same shows, listen to the same songs, and neglect reading the Bible just as much as non-believers.

Christians, here's the thing - We will never have Christian minds, minds that are profoundly impacted by the thoughts of God, without reading the mind of God revealed in the scriptures.

Simple fact is that we cannot be profoundly influenced by that which we do not know.

We have been given an amazing gift. We have the ability, in fact, we were created for the purposes of thinking and discerning the thoughts and will of the Creator of the universe in order that we would join him in doing his ministry.

So what is your plan for reading and filling your mind with God's word?

If you do not have a plan, please go check out Here you will be able to find multiple reading plans that will fit your time and needs.

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