Mar 26, 2013

Our Purpose is Like Stained Glass Windows

This past week, Pastor Brad, Pastor Cheryl and I were at a presbytery meeting at Lacey Presbyterian Church. In front of the sanctuary, they have a set of beautiful stained glass windows.

Here's the thing about stained glass windows.

  • From the outside, it's nothing to look at. 
  • From the outside, you know something is there, but the image is difficult to see, and it's a jumble of blurred colors.

But once you come inside the church, POW!!! the colors and the images come alive. They are brilliant. Everything comes to focus.

You know it in your can't quite articulate it, but you know it to be true as if anything on earth was true.

You were created for more than this. Your life has to mean more than making ends meet. Your life has to be more than living for the weekends or the next vacation. There's got to be more to life than the accumulation of things that will all end up in the junk yard one day.

This can't be it.

Even though you don't even know how to articulate it, you know it.

It will always remain a mystery until you step into the family of faith. You've got to come into the church to see what the image is all about.

This fuzzy sense of something more crystalizes once you come into the family of faith. Once you see life from God's perspective, POW!!! everything becomes clear! The life images and purpose becomes clear! And it's brilliant.

But you need to be in the church to see things clearly. All these things that you have been sensing are things that God has written about since the beginning of time.

God created us to need him. God created us to desire him. God created these yearnings because it's in him that we will be able to discover our purpose for life.

Are you ready for some clarity?

Come check out one of God's churches this coming Easter Sunday!

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