Mar 28, 2013

You Wanna Cut Off WHAT?...Circumcision

"A foreigner residing among you who wants to celebrate the Lord's Passover must have all the males in his household circumcised; then he may take part like born in the land. No uncircumcised male may eat it." - Exodus 12:48.

What's the big deal about circumcision?

Why was it that no uncircumcised male may partake of the Passover meal?

How did anyone know? Did they have the circumcision police check?

Circumcision was not something one went around proving "publicly". It was a reminder to the individual that he had made a vow to be a God-follower in the midst of an ungodly society. It was a constant reminder to the individual of his set-apartness. It was a way of saying that no matter what everyone else was doing and how everyone else was living that he has vowed to lived as a God-follower.

Anyone who made their circumcision public...well, that would be a problem for everyone. That's the thing about circumcision as one of the clearest ways for the Jews to set themselves apart. It wasn't ever meant to be a public display.

I wonder what our modern day equivalent to circumcision might be? What would be the thing that truly set the God-followers apart from others in society?

I wonder if one of the clearest ways in which today's God-followers can set themselves apart is in our ethics - sexual, moral, financial ethics.

What would be a better constant reminder to the God-follower that they have made a commitment to follow God than doing sex, morality, and finances according to God's ways rather than the culture's ways?

And I think the key is that we ought not shove our set-apartness in other people's face. That's obnoxious. That's offensive.

This ought to be what reminds God-followers on a daily basis that we are set apart.

Perhaps, what needs to be cut, eliminated, and circumcised for modern day God-followers is our obsession with needing to be politically correct. Perhaps, what we need to do is determine to be a God-follower by following God's word when it comes to our ethics. 

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