Aug 22, 2007

Persistent Faith

Jesus asks, "But how much of that kind of persistent faith will the Son of Man find on the earth when He returns?" (Luke 18:8).

Persistent faith. A faith that is not wavering due to the changing circumstances. A faith that persists through the difficult times. A faith that has resolved, "God is faithful."

In life, we will experience our ups and downs. There will be storms, just as there will be sunny days. There is no such thing as a trouble free life on this side of eternity.

That being the case, what is needed, and what God is calling us to be is ones who demonstrate persistent faith.

Here's what I believe this means. I believe this means that we will not let failures and challenges to dictate the truth of God's promises. It means that we will work through the difficulties because we know that God promises transformed outcomes. It means that when we face the storms of life, we will not allow the storms to take our eyes off the promise. We will persevere. We will keep striving. Because it's precisely striving and persevering that's going to make a difference. Nothing will change if we cave in.

I write this more to myself than anyone else. No matter what difficulties and challenges we face, because we have resolved to place our trust in God, we have no other choice but to work until God's will is established. Everyone faces challenges and difficulties. But Christ-followers work through the challenges until they find themselves on the success side of God's promise.

Persevere, saints. Let us be a generation that will fight for God's Kingdom and its establishment. Let us be the generation what refused to cave in to the kingdom of darkness.

Persistent faith means that we will never give up. Persistent faith means that we will keep fighting for God's promises until they are a reality.

I will see you on the success side of God's promises!

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