Aug 14, 2007

What's with the Blog?

Hi friends,

I am writing this blog to jot down my thoughts on things happening at TPC, in the life of the denomination, with the books I'm reading, things I think are interesting, and things happening with our mission partners. But most of all, I want to use this blog to share about what God is doing in my heart through all these things.

It would be best if I had the opportunity to visit with each of you in person to share about these things, but the reality with both our schedules, that's not going to happen. So, I want to use this blog to share my thoughts with anyone who would be interested in the things that are going on with me and the life of TPC.

Feel free to leave comments or send me an email. I trust that you will be challenged and blessed.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea this is! Thanks for seeking out new, modern ways to stay connected and keep people motivated and involved. Plus, the more positive, God-related information we can get on the internet is always good! ;)

James said...

Thanks. I will keep writing and posting as long as there are people reading it. God bless.