Dec 6, 2007

A Changed Eternity

A few days ago, a young man's eternal destiny was changed.

He came to church finding himself at the bottom of a pit. He came to church not knowing how he could dig himself out of the mess he'd gotten himself into. He came to church because he didn't know anywhere else to turn.

And what he found was that God had been waiting for him. In fact, God had been with him all along. He just needed to open himself to the reality that God's always been present. It was his actions, his choices that prevented him from seeing God.

But his eternal destiny was changed as he came to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior by turning his life over to God.

There's nothing inherently different about the church that this was the place where he accepted Christ. But what he found at the church was a person willing to point him to the God who's always been present for him, a God who loved him enough to die for him and rise for him.

And this is one of the greatest privileges of a Christ-follower - of being used to point people to Jesus Christ.

It was so awesome to see the immediate change in him. There was peace. There was hope.

That's what God does.

And, friends, that's what you and I get to participate in. There are people all around us who need Jesus.

Point the way.

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Adam Copeland said...

Not coming from a church that approaches faith and conversion in this sort of way, I'm interested in what your church will do in the coming days to support this young man in his early faith.

Do you have programs or classes into which he will fit easily? Is worship attendance emphasized? Will he be paired with a mentor?

Thanks for the post. I'd love to hear more.
A Wee Blether