Dec 27, 2007

Finally, a new post - a Christmas poem

What a week before Christmas!

Normally, that's one of the busiest time of the year for pastor types like me, but this year was crazy. I had strep throat and was out for about four days right before Christmas weekend and the Christmas Eve services.

I have no idea how the sermons for this weekend came together or were received, but they got done by the grace of Jesus Christ.

Here is a little poem I received in a Christmas card. I think this is one of the best summaries of the Christmas stories I've read.

Long before there was a cross, one tiny heart beat with the purest Love the world would ever know.

And two faithful people carried that Love to Bethlehem so it might be born in every heart one day.

When the world had forgotten the One who created every man, three kings remembered and came to kneel before the Author of their lives.

And seekers everywhere set out to find Him, drawn by the radiant light of His love.

Long before we knew His name, He cherished every one of us – before His tiny lips spoke a word, He knew us by heart.

And this time called Christmas is our chance to give Him the greatest gift we could offer in return – the gift of our hearts and ourselves.

Merry Christmas!

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