Dec 4, 2007

What Does God Want for Christmas? - Hands

Take a look at your hands – Turn them face up.

Seriously. Look at your hands.

Look at the lines, the curves, and the grooves.

There has never been, and there will never be another human being who will have your lines, curves, and grooves.

Your finger prints are absolutely unique to you. Out of all the people who’ve walked this planet, and of all those people who will come after you, no one, not one has your prints.

You know why it’s that way? Those hands were created to leave their mark.

This Advent season, we've been asking, "What Does God Want for Christmas?" What could we give to God that would make the heart of God leap with joy?

The first gift I would like for us to consider giving to God is the gift of our hands. Leave your mark.

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