Jun 21, 2009

Dads - A Father's Day Gift We Can Give to our Families

On holidays like Father's Day, who'sever day it is always thinking about getting and receiving.

How about for a change, we dads and men think about what we can give to our ladies and our families?

What am I talking about? What gift could we give to our families and ladies?

Mental purity and fidelity.

In practical English - a life without porn.

The sad reality is that with the internet, access to porn is easier than its ever been. And if there is a man out there who claims that they don't have issues with purity and fidelity in this area, that man's got a problem.

The first step in finding freedom in this area is to name it and declaring that we struggle. And finding a group of men who can pray with you and walk along with you. Finally, do something smart - install a program like Eye Covenant or some other program to build a hedge in your mental and spiritual life.

Men, it's time that we step up and be men of God - the type of dads that our wives and children ought to be proud of.

Let us make this our solemn vow.

"I will set no worthless thing before my eyes...It shall not fasten its grip on me" Psalm 101:3.

Happy Father's Day!

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