Jun 26, 2009

How About the Centrality of Jesus Christ?

The PC(USA) is great - great at making pronouncements about all kinds of stuff.

Anyone who has ever seen first hand the General Assembly at work, and in particular the Social Witness Committee and ACSWP (Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy), knows from experience the incredibly complicated matters, we believe we have the right and the responsibility to let the world know what we think.

In the last decade, we have voiced our opinions through resolutions and declarations on:
- the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,
- made a resolution "Calling for a Comprehensive Legalization Program for Immigrants Living and Working in the United States",
- declaring that our commitment to "Creating a more just economy is essential to the integrity of the Christian faith",
- Global Warming, 
- The War in Iraq
- The Medical Use of Marijuana,
- and the list goes on and on and on.

Two observations:

First, why do we think anyone else cares about what we think? We represent less than 1% of the population of the US - and that percentage is being generous.

Second, when was the last time you remember the PC(USA) making a clear declaration on any of the following:
- our commitment to the centrality and the supremacy of Jesus Christ,
- our commitment to the absolute authority of scripture

I think something's wrong when we're willing to say a bunch of stuff about even the "experts" aren't sure about, when we can't say something about stuff that Christ calls us to proclaim.

I think something's gone terribly wrong when we cannot and will not censure and discipline ourselves when ministers ignore and even flaunt their ordination vows.

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