Jun 5, 2009

Review of "Up"

One of the things that a daddy of four young children get to do is to watch pretty much every single G-rated movie that's in the theaters. Fortunately for daddies of recent history companies like pixar have made some fantastic kid's movies.

When Nemo first came out - I thought to myself, "Good Lord! I'm going to have to sit through a movie about some fish for two hours. And then when I actually saw it, it was fantastic.

And when they made a movie about Cars, I thought to myself, "I don't even like Nascar." How could they possibily make this thing interesting? And o course they did. Because I absolutley loved it.

The same thing happened with Walle.

I had heard that "Up" was a pretty good movie, but I have to say this is Pixar's finest story-telling to date.

The movie opens with one of the most tender and moving scenes I've ever seen in the movies. It's that good.

I don't want to give anything else away. But you really should see this movie. It will give you a new appreciation of people - old and young. It will help you celebrate fidelity and loyalty and deep loving relationships.

There is so much about the movie that I liked.

Up, Pixar's finest. Go see for yourself.
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Stushie said...

I've been using clips from the movie in our intergenerational Sunday School. I downloaded them from www.wingclips.com. Some of our young families went with some of our seniors - they all enjoyed the movie