Jun 19, 2009

How the Noah's Ark is Kind of like the Church

I am sure the ark had its glorious moments, but I imagine that most of the time the ark was smelly, messy, dirty, crowded, hot, and chaotic.

I mean you've got animals all over the place, pooping and peeing and eating and sleeping and just stinking up the joint.

The place had to have been crowded with all the food they were carrying, the tight living quarters.

Tempers must have flared as things were not ideal.

I'm sure there were arguments that needed mending, squabbles and confrontations between the animals that you had to squelch.

But you know what? The ark was the only vehicle for salvation that God provided.

That's the church!

We are messy, dirty, smelly. Our lives are chaotic. And because its people like me who make up the church, there are going to be some flare ups and some misunderstandings. There will be times when arguments and fights need to be mended.

But you know what? The church - for better or worse - is the body of Christ and it is the only vehicle God's given to humanity to carry the work and the ministry of Jesus Christ.

So you find yourself going throiugh a rough spot in ministry and church? Don't be surprised by it - that is ministry. That is church.
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