Jun 4, 2009

Institutional Church Must Change or Die

Today's Presbytery meeting was a perfect example of why the institutional church must die.

Had a person walked in from the the street and heard what we were talking about and what we were debating about, I don't think they would have had a clue that God gave to the world the church to be a light and hope for them.

In fact, had the average church person walked into that Presbytery meeting, I don't think they would have known that the structures of the church exists to equip and enable Christ-followers.

And that's the problem - the institutional church has acted and behaved as if the people and the local congregations to serve them - when in actuality the only reason and purpose for the institution is to help local churches and every Christ-followers to serve God and transform the world.

As long as the institutional church continues to ct as if it's existence is for itself, it must die.
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Discipleship said...

It is hard to argue with that!

Anonymous said...

I agree. I have otften thought that the institutional church was having a negative effect on the true Chruch. To me the institutional chuirch and "organized religion" are one and the same. Christ Followers do not need the institutional church. What they need is to be with other Christ followers who believe the Way as it was known in the first century. Great post James.