Aug 13, 2010

The Four "S"s of Healthy Leadership Teams

One of the best leadership lessons I've learned was from Bill Carl, the president of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. We were lecturing together in Russia at the Moscow Presbyterian Seminary and we were talking about leadership lessons we've learned.

Bill shared that he and his staff practice the four "S"s.

  1. No Secrets
  2. No Surprises
  3. No Subversion
  4. Lots of Support
Since then, I have been incorporating these same four "S"s in my leadership.

No secrets, no surprises, no subversion. These things destroy team chemistry and trust. Healthy teams discuss things openly. Healthy teams do not hold "meetings" after the meetings - the meetings where colleagues get together to blast the leadership. If there are questions and disagreements, they are discussed openly and without repercussion. The leader must create an environment where differences of opinions and ideas can be shared.

Then once the team has come to consensus, everyone agrees to support the decision of the group and there is lots of support.

In healthy leadership teams, there are no secrets, no surprises, and is no subversion, but tons of support.

These are the four S's of healthy leadership teams.

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