Aug 19, 2010

A Shout Out to Nurses

Before my heart issues, I never spent a single day in the hospital except for other people (my wife, dad, kids, church members, etc). But since my heart issues, I've had more than my share of spending extended time periods in the hospitals.

I appreciate the work that doctors do - after all, God saved my life through the work of doctors. But there's a group of health care professionals who don't get enough of the credit - nurses.

I have to say, I have been so impressed by the care and help provided by the nurses. Doctors will come by and see you for a few minutes every day or two. But nurses are there 24/7. Nurses are not only taking care of your health care needs (making sure you get your meds, checking your vitals, etc.) but nurses are helping with all kinds of stuff that don't have anything to do with medicine (i.e. bathing you, cleaning up your messes, getting you a cup of water, making sure you're comfortable, and yes, right after my open heart surgery, nurses even help you after you take care of business). 

I am not sure if all nurses knew that was part of the job description when they signed up for the deal, but I sure am grateful. 

Doctors may get most of the glory and credit, but in my book, nurses are real-life heroes and heroines. 

Thank God for nurses.