Aug 25, 2010

More than We Can Imagine or Hope...What a Mighty God We Serve

When Moses was standing at the Red Sea, he had no idea that the seas could open up and become dry land.

When Moses and Joshua stood in the wilderness, they had no idea that God could rain down manna from heaven on a daily basis to sustain and nurture his people.

When the Israelites were routing the Amorites and needed a few more daylight hours, they had no idea that the sun could stand still.

Elijah never knew that a dead boy could rise again as he prayed.

Elisha had no inclination that an iron ax could float in water.

Mary never knew that virgins could conceive.

Peter had no idea that he could walk on water.

Whenever we put our faith in Jesus Christ, we put our faith in the God who changes the molecular structure of water and turned it into wine to redefine what is and what is not possible.

If Jesus is your Lord and Savior, you serve a MIGHTY, AWESOME, AMAZING God!!!

Worship him.

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