Oct 26, 2010

I'm Praying for You...How to Actually Pray for Those We Promise to be Praying For

I'm praying for you...

What Christian hasn't said that before?

I honest believe most Christians who say this actually have every intention to pray for the person they said they were going to pray for. But, if the truth be told, it's much easier said then done.

And since outright lying isn't good either, coming up with a way of actually praying for the people we say we are going to pray for would be a good thing.

Here's how I've been going about organizing my prayers so that I can honestly pray for the people I say I will be praying for.

First, let me confess that I am no prayer expert. I'm just a normal guy trying my best to do what I say I will do. Secondly, I pray because I am a absolute believer in the power of prayer. I pray because God answers prayers. It's that simple.

Here's what I've found to be helpful in organizing my prayer life.

Mondays - I pray for missionaries, mission projects, and friends outside of the United States.
Tuesdays - I pray for my family
Wednesdays - I pray for my friends in the US
Thursdays - I pray for my local church
Fridays - I pray for the weekend services
Saturdays - I pray for my denomination

I've found organizing my prayer life in this fashion helps me to break up my prayer life so that it doesn't become repetitious and also so overwhelming.

How do you pray?

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