Oct 29, 2010

Negative Political Ads Don't Work and They Make Me Not Want to Vote

Mr and Mrs Politician,

I can't remember an election year where the ads have been as negative and misleading as they have been this year.

I know you want my vote. You are running these ads and you have collectively spent $5 billion because you want my vote.

I have been faithfully taking part in the electoral process since I turned 18.

Please hear me loud and clear...your ads disgust me.

They make me not want to vote at all. Your ads make me wish there were more choices than just the democrat and republican options.

I want candidates who will tell me what they believe, what they stand for, and how they will be on the solution side of the messes we find ourselves in. I do not want you to tell me how much worse your candidate is. I don't want to vote for the less evil of the two terrible candidates.

If you want my vote and my support, you're going to have to stop it with the negative attacks and start convincing me of how you are going to be solving the problems of our country.

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