Oct 1, 2010

Peace in the Storm

Without warning, a furious storm came upon on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping (Matthew 8:24).

Isn't that normally the case? Most storms we encounter in life come at us furiously and without warning. Sure there are storms you can see coming, but those are normally of our making. 
  • If one is messing around with a person who's not their spouse, of course, there's a storm brewing. 
  • If you smoke enough cigarettes, one ought not be surprised about the diagnosis of lung cancer.
  • If you drink and drive, one of these days, bad things are going to happen.
I'm not talking about the storms we create. 

Peace - I picture a lake so calm you can see your reflection as in a mirror on a picture perfect day. 

But here's the thing: who doesn't find such scenes peaceful. When life is at peace because everything is going as it should, who couldn't be peaceful under those circumstances?

It's not that kind of peace that I need in my life. The kind of peace that I need is the peace that surpasses understanding, the kind of peace precisely when the storms of life are upon me and the waters are about to drown me.

Look at where Jesus is. Look at what he's doing. He's sleeping! 

You know why? He is peace.

Wherever Jesus is - peace is there.

The peace Jesus offers doesn't depend on external circumstances because he is the Creator of all things. Peace is wherever Jesus is. Jesus is peace.

When the disciples freak out thinking they were going to die, Jesus gets up from his nap and rebukes the wind and the waves, "and it was completely calm."

Friends, when the storms of life come furiously and without warning, I pray that Jesus is in your boat.

Won't you take a moment to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior over your life right now and welcome him into your life? 

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