Oct 20, 2010

Jesus Loves Me This I Know For the Bible Tells Me So...

Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so...

So the children's song goes.

Don't let the profound truth slip by.

The Christian's assurance comes from knowing the truth of God through scripture. There is no other way we can be certain of the promises of God, the salvation of God, the eternal truths of God apart from scripture.

The devil isn't afraid of Christians going to church. The devil isn't afraid of Christians who read Christian books. The devil doesn't mind Christians listening to Christian radio and watching Christian television. The Christian can go on accumulating Christian experiences.

What the devil is afraid of are Christians who are transformed by the truth of God's word. Because that's where our assurance of all the promises of God come from...

  • it's the Bible that tells us of God's love for us...
  • it's the Bible that tells of God's purpose in creating the heavens and the earth...
  • it's the Bible that tells us how the history of the created world will come to an end..
But if Christians are ignorant of the Bible?.....well, all you have are individual experiences and personal opinions.

There's no power there.

There's no certainty.

There's no assurance.

There's nothing but personal opinions and individual experiences.

Listen once again to the profound truth...


Take a moment everyday and read God's promise for you and his created world.

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