Oct 4, 2010

Why Christ-followers are Needed In a Broken World

Why Christ-follwers are needed...

People don't need Christ-followers to help them understand that we live in a world of sin. 

I think people already know and sense not all is right with the world around us. 

People already know that there is pain and darkness all around.

There has never been anything wrong with the content of the message of the church. The problem has been in how the message of hope and renewal has been communicated by the church.

Somehow, some of us in the church have managed to take the greatest news of hope, mercy, and grace and made it ugly, hate-filled, and angry.

People don't need Christ-followers to help them understand how wrong our world is, what Christ-followers are needed for is to help people understand the incredible grace and mercy of Jesus Christ...
  • because of Jesus everything has and will be changed, 
  • because of Jesus all our sins and failures have been dealt with,
  • because of Jesus everything can be made new.
The key to hope is not in this world, but in the forgiveness God offers in the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. 

That, in my humble opinion, is why I believe Christ-followers are needed in a broken and hurting world.

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