Dec 4, 2010

God is God...God Doesn't Have to Make Sense to Us.

God is God.

We know this to be true. Of course God is God.

While we know this to be true, we sure like to act as if we were god.

Sure, no one ever comes out and says it like that, but we all treat God as if we were God and he is not.

You see, because God is God, God is under no obligation to have to explain himself or make sense to us. Because God is God, God commands, and because we are not God, we are to obey.

That's how it works if God is God and we are not.

But we get all ticked off with God when God doesn't make sense, or when God might ask us to do something that we don't want to do or something that doesn't make sense to us. And, God forbid, should something happen to us that doesn't make sense...we're all up in arms about things that happen which doesn't make sense to us.

We blame God for not being loving, kind, and...God.

Because we think we're God. We think God should make sense to us. We think God should explain himself to us.

But, alas. God is God and we are not.

God is under no obligation to explain or to make sense to us.

God commands.

We obey.

God is God.

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Anonymous said...

You're right in saying God doesn't always make sense to us. And if He does in fact exist, I guess I would have to then agree with you further and say that He has no obligation to make sense to us mere mortals. But then again, maybe the reason He doesn't make sense is that He doesn't exist at all.