Dec 7, 2010

Priests - Bridge Builders

The Latin word for priest is pontifex. Pontifex literally means a bridge builder.

A priest is someone who builds a bridge between God and humanity.

The reformed faith has always acknowledged the priesthood of all believers. Because Christ-followers are priests, our call is to build bridges for people in our communities who do not know the simple truth that God loves them.

How will our community ever know that God loves them unless we love our communities? What would the love of God look like for our community?

  • What does the love of God look like for spouses and children who have loved ones serving in our armed forces in far away and dangerous places? 
  • What does the love of God look like to homebound senior citizens? 
  • What does the love of God look like to the child who's daddy is in prison?
  • What does the love of God look like to someone who's been laid off and has no prospects for a job?
  • What does the love of God look like for someone for whom this is a great season in their life and everything is going their way, but has no idea that they are far apart from God and because of that they will be totally unprepared for the days coming when things don't go their way?
And then most importantly, how is our church going to communicate God's love to this community in a way our community can understand and experience God's love?

Until we can start bridging this gap, the incredible news of Christmas - that God sent his only Son to for us - will only be celebrated by the few in our churches. 

Christmas - that God is here in Christ - is good news for the world!

How can we communicate this awesome truth in a way our world can understand? 

Come on priesthood of all believers! Let us be the church that's bridging this gap.

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