Dec 21, 2010

Entertaining Angels Unaware...Uncle George

In the last four Sundays or so, Uncle George has been coming to Sunday worship at the Little Church on the Prairie.

He's not your typical Sunday going type of guy.
  • He always walks here
  • He's wearing the same heavy overcoat with the same shirt and pants
  • He seems to be carrying everything he owns in his suitcase and bags
  • He's always got this big huge hat he keeps on
  • He also has his headset on the entire time he's here
  • And he always sits in the same seat on the second pew from the front of the sanctuary
He never listens to anything I have to say as he has his radio playing through his headset that's turned on loud enough where both myself and anyone around him can hear.

He always leaves right after the sermon but leaves a five or ten dollar bill right where he sat.

I don't know Uncle George's full story. But I do know that he likes to be called Uncle George.

I am not sure why he comes to church, but boy am I thankful that he's here. I am so honored that he would choose our church of all the places in town to go to on Sunday mornings

The couple of times when I have had some time to visit with him to welcome him, to tell him that he belongs here, to tell him how glad I am to see him because God loves him, he's had tears in his eyes.

I've been driving around town today to see if I can find Uncle George. I look forward to one day sitting down with him and hearing the rest of his story.

All I know is that Uncle George keeps coming to church at the Little Church. And for now, I am fine with that. In time, I pray and hope for the opportunity for the life and the ministry of Jesus Christ at the Little Church to connect more fully with the life and journey of Uncle George.

Eager to see how God will use Uncle George to impact and change me and the Little Church.

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