Dec 6, 2010

Regular Trash Pick Up - Without It We Stink

We've missed the trash pickup for two straight weeks and we are going on our third week.

The first week, we had the trash and recycling out on the curb but the city never came by to pick it up because of the ice and blizzard that covered the Pacific Northwest. Our cul-de-sac was a solid sheet of ice. No one was coming in nor going out of our little cul-de-sac.

This week, we missed the trash pickup because we just forgot...well, actually that's not a true statement. My wife remembered and reminded me to put the trash out while I was watching Sunday Night Football and told her I would after the game. The correct statement is I forgot to put the trash out.

Pray mercy and grace for me.

Pray kind thoughts and patience for my wife.

To make the story short, the trash guys already came by to pick up the trash and we missed it again for the second week.

Missing trash one week is not so bad. We don't make that much trash. We rarely fill the trash bin up. Only during Christmas or something like that do we come close to filling it up.

But missing the trash pick up for two weeks...well, that's not so good. The bin is definitely full and we have to wait another week before another pick up. I don't know how that's going to go.

I have nightmare visions of smelly, stinky, nasty trash being piled up around the trash bin where rabid raccoons, wild cats and dogs, and even wild boar are eating out of our trash.

It probably won't be that bad...but you never know.

The thing is, regular trash pick up is absolutely necessary. And, "I forgot", just will not cut it. When the trash doesn't get picked up, the whole house starts to stink. And pretty soon, the whole neighborhood will stink. And if it continues, the whole city, state, country, the whole world will stink.

Trash build up not only happens in homes, but in our lives too.

Regular trash pick what happens when we pray and ask for forgiveness and God forgives us of our sins. God takes all our trash and makes them disappear. And just as we regularly accumulate trash, we regularly accumulate trash in our lives too because we are sinners. We need daily cleansing from God.

When's the last time you had your trash picked up in your heart?


Anonymous said...

I think this was a lovely read, and I pray daily, because I feel its important to express to God our tensions, because tensions in life can make us angry and stressed; how lovely is it to know that somebody is there to listen to your worries...:)

Also, is it ok if I use your picture of the bin on a school project I am doing?


James Kim said...

Z.R. Thank you for the comments. Feel free to use whatever is on this blog.

James <><

Danial123 said...

I use your picture of the bin on a school project I am doing?
Rental Dumpster

James Kim said...

Go for it.