Feb 11, 2011

Egypt - Reasons for Praise and for Prayer

I rejoice with the people of Egypt for an opportunity for a new beginning.

I rejoice for the protester's resolve to a non-violent voicing of their strong resolve.

I rejoice that President Mubarak has chosen to step down without resorting to violence.

I pray that his legacy in promoting peace and stability in the region will carry the day.

Along with the rejoicing, there is reason for deep prayer.

The fact remains that most of the people celebrating on the streets of Cairo are people who just weeks ago, considered America and her version of democracy and freedom evil.

What drove this protest, along with a desire for more freedom and democracy, is the disparity between the rich and the poor. While the middle class and the rich live fairly comfortable lives, the great portion of the country lives in abject poverty - living on less than $2/day.

Just because they wanted Mubarak out does not mean that the people who have been anti-America, anti-west, anti-anything not Islam are all of a sudden going to become wonderful friends of the west, friends of freedom as we know it, and friends of western democracy.

They still remain and will continue to remain Muslim.

Situations like this are ripe for radical Islam to claim that the failure of Mubarak's version of Islam is precisely his ties to the west, and what is required is a "true-er" version of Islam.

It is my prayer that the ferment of dissatisfaction in Egypt that birthed this new reality will lead to genuine freedom for all Egyptians - Muslim, Christian, Jew, etc.

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