Feb 24, 2011

Re-entry. First Blog Entry in a Long Time

It feels like I haven't written a blog forever.

I took a voluntary hiatus from blogging and twittering.

I found myself writing things just so people would read them. I know that that's partly the point of the blogging and twittering. But what happened to me was that I was writing blogs so it would get picked up on Presbyweb, I was twittering so that it would get retweeted. And when it wasn't, I'd be somewhat disappointed.

The first thing I'd check in the morning is to see if my blog was picked up by Presbyweb, to see how many hits were on my blog, to see if my tweets were being commented on.

Instead of writing because I had something to say and because I wanted to express my thoughts somewhere, my purpose became so that other people would read it.

And I didn't like what it was doing to me. I didn't like me trying to be a major people pleaser.

I still think the regular exercise and discipline of regular writing and reflecting is a good discipline to maintain. I am ready engage in this discipline again.

So I will continue to write about stuff that interests me and that I think are worth reflecting about. I am no longer going to get caught up in the "popularity" and the "followership".

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teacher_deb said...

You see, we are all human. The whole fact that you figured out for yourself what was happening is the great part of God in our lives! So now when you are moved...speak!