Feb 25, 2011

Everyone Wants Progress. It's Change We Don't Want

Everyone loves progress.

I don't know of a single institution, church, organization, company who isn't for progress. I don't know of a single church, organization, or company that says, "We are totally opposed to progress."


We all want it. We all need it.

Without progress, we are dead in the water.

No one has problems with progress. What people have immense issues with is change.

Everyone wants progress but very few people are prepared for change.

But the reality is that no progress will ever be made without change.

I have been learning a very important lesson about change. In institutional speak, change = criticism. Any suggestion for change is perceived as criticism of the past and past systems.

It's not that people don't recognize that change is necessary for progress. It's that change is experienced as criticism by those who were integral parts of the past that is in need of change.

One of the key leadership tasks is discerning how to integrate change while at the same time honoring the past.

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