Feb 26, 2011


Compulsive - Persistent
Obsessive - Committed
Foolhardy - Brave
Dreamer - Imaginative
Simple-minded - Dedicated
Inflexible - Principled
Hostile - Aggressive
Bullheaded - Resolute
Desperate - Inspired
Autocratic - Tough-minded
Ambitious - Courageous
Domineering - Confident
Egotistical - Self-assured
Insensitive - Determined

All the words on the left-hand side describe the same person as the words on the right-hand side. 

Same person. The only difference?

Perspective - How a person chooses to view another.

If you choose to see the best in others and choose to give others the benefit of the doubt, you will have a positive outlook on their actions and intentions.

The same is true for if you choose to see the worst in others and are always second guessing other's motives, you will have a negative outlook on their actions and intentions.

It's all a matter of perspective.

A final word for people in positions of leadership. If you are leading, you will receive both praise and criticism. 
  • Don't let the praise get to your head 
  • And, don't let the criticism get you down. 
It comes with the leadership territory. Just continue doing your best to lead the people where God would have you to lead. Whether you are praised or criticized depends on your follower's attitudes and perspective.

Do your best and let God be the judge.

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