Feb 28, 2011

Three Kinds of People Around Jesus: Crowds, Groupies, the Core

In the next three days, I will be writing about three types of people that gathered around Jesus: the crowds, the "groupies", and the core.

We begin today with the Crowds.

As Jesus went about his public ministry, his popularity was soaring through the roof. The stories of healing, casting out of the demons, the feeding of the multitudes, the all the other miracle stories made Jesus the greatest spectacle ever to hit the Judean countryside.

The crowds gathered around Jesus because they found Jesus to be interesting. 

If you had heard that cousin Joe's crooked nose was straightened out because he met Jesus while hanging out at Simon Peter's house, wouldn't you be curious? Wouldn't you make the time to show up if Jesus came through your village? 

Jesus was the biggest thing on the scene. There was no one bigger. Jesus was the most happening event wherever he showed up.

The crowd gathered around Jesus to see what they could get out of Jesus. They were consummate consumers.

However, as soon as Jesus was to be found uninteresting or of no more personal benefit, the crowds soon returned to their own lives - just as if Jesus never existed.

The marching song of the crowds would be "What Have You Done for Me Lately" by Janet Jackson.

Jesus was only as good as what he could do for the crowd.

Crowds - Curious Interest - Consumers.

Tomorrow, we examine the "Groupies".

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