Nov 2, 2011

Giving God My Best...How Do You Quantify That?

Giving God my best!

Sounds so noble. So admirable. So...well...Godly.

Well, how does one do that?

How does one really go about giving God the best?

I have been saying that I want to give God my best and give my best leadership to the Little Church on the Prairie.

What does that mean practically?

How has my life or daily routines changed as a result of desiring to give God my best.

After all, if nothing quantifiably changes in my daily routines, what difference does my desiring to give God my best make?

Giving my best to God ought to make a difference. Right?

So the million dollar question is how do I go about doing that?

Well, one of the things I have been doing is to ask myself on a regular basis - on an hourly basis - "Is this giving God your best? Is this your best leadership?"

Here's what that's been doing for me on a practical level.

So when I find myself going through Facebook or Twitter or reading the blogs, asking this question has been a good check for me.

Sometimes staying in touch with folks through Facebook and Twitter and reading some Christian blogs is a part of giving my best. But as anyone who has spent anytime on Facebook or Twitter, it can be a royal waste of time. Well, asking this question has cut down on the waste of time portion and helped me to stay focused.

Give it a try.

Who wouldn't want to give God their best efforts?

Who doesn't want to give their family and friends the best effort they deserve?

Every hour or so, ask yourself, "Is this your best? Is this giving God your best?" and watch we just might find ourselves actually giving our best effort.

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