Nov 20, 2011

It's Not About Doing My Best; It's About Giving My Best to the Right Things

We've all heard the adage that goes something like, "What matters in life is not necessarily the results but that we gave our best effort."

I've been thinking about the whole concept of giving my best thing because that's what I vowed to give to my church.

After some further reflection, I am not sure if giving my best is good enough.

In the end, I don't think one's life and leadership will be measured by necessarily the effort one gives to something.

In the end, the thing that will matter most is whether one gave their best to the right things, and whether I gave my best to doing those things right.

What would be the point of giving your best to the wrong things?

And what would be the point of giving my best to doing those things in the wrong ways?

So, here's where I am with giving my best to God.

  1. First, identify what the right things are. Not everything is right. Not everything is good. Not everything is worth giving ones best. The first task of leadership is to identify the right things, the best things. I call these the compass headings or the trajectory of leadership.
  2. Second, once the proper compass heading and the trajectory of leadership has been identified, the task of leadership is to determine how best to lead the organization from where we currently are to start moving toward the objective. This is what it means to doing things in the right way.
I plan on doing my best and giving my best to God and to the church as I pray, discern, and listen for the right trajectory and compass heading for the ministry. And once God makes that clear, to listen and discern for best ways to move LCOP from where we are to get us moving toward this trajectory.

That's my game plan.

Now, let's get er' done!


Anonymous said...

Right on!! - Jim P

Anonymous said...

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