Nov 15, 2011

One of the Craziest Darndest Things That's Ever Happened...

My family has been intrigued by the Jenny-O commercials where they challenge America to make the switch to turkey burgers.

We finally decided that yesterday would be the day in which the Kim family would make the switch...or at least try out the turkey burger.

I learned a few things about grilling turkey burgers. 
  • I should have let the meat thaw out before tossing them on the grill
  • Turkey patties don't hold together the same way that a hamburger holds together
  • That could have been because I didn't thaw out the meat...see first bullet point 
When it came time to serve the turkey burgers, they were an absolute hit with everyone in the family. We all loved it!

I wouldn't mind at all switching over to turkey burgers. They tasted great and they're way better for me than hamburgers.

As I was munching on an awesome turkey burger, I felt a sharp pain on the side of my tongue. It felt like a sharp needle piercing the side of my tongue.

Here's what I think happened.

Just before grilling, I cleaned the grill with one of those metal bristle grill cleaning tools. I think one of the bristles became loose when I was cleaning the grill and got lodged in one of the turkey burger patties.

Thank God I was the one who ended up with the metal bristle and not one of my kids.

I tried finding the metal bristle on my tongue but I couldn't visually locate it. But I could certainly feel it. And since the metal bristle piece is probably not the most sanitary thing to keep in my tongue, I went to the ER to see if they could find it. 

The ER people thought it was a hoot! They had never heard of such a thing. When the ER nurse called the radiologist to ask about x-raying my tongue, everyone had a good laugh about how they could accomplish that.

To make a long story short, they couldn't find it and they have referred me to a face/throat/jaw specialist.

I will see the specialist in the next couple of days.

Isn't life just so much fun!

The Apostle Paul had his thorn in his side...well, I guess I'm only fit for a metal bristle in my tongue.

No, no, no. I am not asking for a thorn. Got plenty of issues already. 

Who knew one could get themselves in such interesting problems?

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