Nov 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Baskets for the Neighbors of LCOP

God has blessed us with much. So it is only right that we share what God has given to us with others.

The Little Church on the Prairie will share hundreds of Thanksgiving Boxes filled with turkeys and all the fixings for a Thanksgiving meal for our neighbors who would otherwise not have a Thanksgiving meal.

But more than the meal, we pray that God will use these boxes as a real reminder that God loves us all and that no one is ever alone.

We have prayed and blessed these boxes and now ask for God's blessings on our neighbors.

Yay God! and yay the people of the Little Church on the Prairie!

Look at those boxes!!!

More boxes...
Gotta have bread
Cindy and Esther...gotta have carrots
More bread...

Lucille and Ken making sure all the goodies get in the boxes
Our invitation...praying our friends will read the invitation

Rex and Doug taking a break from the rain from unloading the truck

Getting the turkeys ready. They were frozen solid...the turkeys that is.

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teacher_deb said...

I look at those boxex and I am so Thankful for Little Church! The Happiness and gratefulness it generates fot the Southgate families is just amazing! YEA! Little Church, thanks for loving on your community!