Aug 28, 2012

Christmas in August - THAT WAS SOOOO AWESOME!!!!!


I love it when the church functions as the church.

I just gotta brag on the Little Church on the Prairie.

About a month ago, we received a phone call from a gentleman who was married at the LCOP 32 years ago. He wanted to know if we would let he and his wife renew their vows at our church even though they are not members here, and even though they no longer knew anyone who are members here.

Of course we were going to be a part of that.

As we were planning their renewal of vows he told us how much appreciated the Christmas decorations in the church as they were married in December.

That's all that the church needed to know.

Volunteers signed up to make sure that when this couple showed up for their renewal of vows today, that they would be greeted by Christmas in August at the Little Church on the Prairie.

The couple had no idea that the church was going to do this.

All the sanctuary doors were closed and they were asked to go to the back of the church. The bride was a little bit embarrassed as she realized they were going to march down the aisle just as they did 32 years ago.

Right before they were about to enter, she mentioned how the sanctuary was so beautifully decorated on their wedding day.

And then the music started and the double doors in the back of the sanctuary was opened.

You should have seen their faces!!! You should have seen their reaction when the music started and they saw the sanctuary...Oh, it was priceless!!!!!

There is nothing else in the world quite like the church being the church.

They were so moved and touched that the members of LCOP would care so much for complete strangers.

It was sooooooo awesome to see the church at work to make an impact in the life of others.

That family and their children will remember this day for the rest of their lives.

And should the adult children of this couple ever consider reaching out to God, I pray that they will remember what the members of LCOP did for their mom and turn to their Savior and Lord.

I love it when the church acts as the church!

Way to go God!!!

Way to go Little Church on the Prairie!!!

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