Aug 26, 2012

The Most Interesting Prayer Request...

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We recently had a friend/missionary staying with our family and our church from Brazil.

One of the things I struggle with is my health...I really should be healthier.

I've had multiple heart procedures and take loads of medicine.

Normally I exercise but ever since my achilles surgery, I've not been able to do much.

As our Brazilian friend was going to the airport with my wife, she asked if it would be okay to pray for me.

Prayers are always welcome!

As our Brazilian friend was praying, one of the things she prayed for is my health.

Like I said, prayers are always welcome!

But this is what she prayed: "Lord, help Pastor James with his health. Help him to eat healthier. Help him so that when he eats bad foods to get diarrhea so he wouldn't want to eat bad stuff anymore."


I've never had someone pray that I get diarrhea.

Not sure what to do with that one.

I know that she means well and wants what's best for me...but praying that I get diarrhea...

I guess people in Brazil just pray differently.

Prayers are always welcome!

I love her heart for Jesus and her love for me.

Prayers are always welcome!

P.S. To date, no diarrhea!!!

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momlet said...

I'm going to reckon that you're eating more healthy foods, then. And if not, let me echo her prayer.