Aug 23, 2012

Empty Promises...Social Media Addiction

The great thing about modern life is that you can do so much. And the curse of modern life is that you can do so much - Jim Denison.

No other generation of human beings has had access to so much. It was science fiction and fancy a mere generation for folks to carry around cell phones, to be able to Skype anywhere in the world, to be able to talk with anyone anywhere on planet earth.

No other generation of human beings have had the ability to do so much.

Yet not all of this access has been positive.

Even with all the different ways human beings can relate with one another, to promised hope of creating and experiencing community, our generation finds itself as one of the loneliest, empty generations in human history.

How could it be that there are unprecedented tools to keep us connected and yet we are lonelier and emptier than ever?

The curse of modern life is that because we are doing so much - constantly connected to facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, foursquare, email, text, cell phone, face chat - that shallowness is the result. We may have hundreds and thousands of "friends" but these "friends" are allowed access to see only see what we want them to see.

A warped sense of self, an a false and incomplete sense of who we are is the result.

In the social media, no one ever gets to see the real us.

Because, you see, to get to know the real us, people have to spend time with the real us - in our ups and in our downs, when we're at our best, and certainly when we're at our worst.

This takes time.

It's messy.

Often times it's not pretty.

The curse of the modern life is that we can, and we have been doing so much.

Ultimately, the reason why we find ourselves so alone, so empty is because our generation seeks to find the answer and solution to our emptiness in other things and in other people.


For those of us who get this, the modern tools of social media can be a huge asset and instrument to help people connect with one another and to point people to the Christ who alone can fill our soul's emptiness.

But if we take Christ out of the equation, these tools become merely the tool of a deluded narcissistic self who continues to place themselves at the center of their phantom universe. 

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