Feb 12, 2008

Just Let this Sink In

Here's another quote from Martha Grace Reese in her book Unbinding the Gospel. I'm not going to comment on it or say anything about it. I would like for those of us who are part of a mainline church just to let this sink in. Because what it's telling us is totally and absolutely unacceptable.

Our findings reveal that fewer than one half of 1% (.005) of these 30,000 primarily Caucasion, non-Southern congregations are baptizing a significant number of adults. We call a "significant number of baptisms" an average of five or more adults a year over a three year period. All baptisms in three years had to be at least 1% of the church's worship attendance. Half of one percent is the percentage of congregations doing a good job of reaching unchurched adults. That translates in numerical terms to fewer than 150 congregations out of a possible 30,000 mainline churches (p.30).

Just let that sink in.

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