Feb 14, 2008

Words are Easy

Words are easy. It's easy to say I love Jesus and I serve Christ.

But what does that look like? What would it mean for me to love Jesus in the midst of conflict, when facing a financial crisis, when faced with temptation, when dealing with difficult people.

What does this loving Jesus thing look like? How would I do life differently if I really loved Jesus?

Words are easy. But when it comes down to living out what I say I believe...that's another matter.

I do okay in churchy things. I do fine when churchy people are around. I do fine when people I know are around.

But it's when I am alone in my thoughts, it's when no one else is watching, it's when I can be anonymous - who am I serving and loving? That's the question.

Jesus made an awesome sacrifice. It is only right that I do my best to serve God with all my heart.

I cannot guarantee that I will be perfect. I cannot promise what tomorrow will be like. But I can promise and commit today, this very moment. And the more "this very moment" and "today" I line up together, the better tomorrow will be.

So that's my plan. Right now. This moment. I want to be fully devoted to Jesus Christ. And I will do my best to line up as many of these moments as possible.

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