Feb 22, 2008

Not Even One

Today's lenten study reading was John 18:1-11. This is John's account of the arrest of Jesus by the Roman soldiers.

The question posed was "Why didn't Jesus resist this arrest?" Jesus had all the power of heaven and earth at His disposal and yet Jesus allowed Himself to be arrested, unjustly tried, beaten, tortured, humiliated, and nailed to the cross.

Why did He do it? It was totally unnecessary for Him.

Why did Jesus allow mere creatures to spit upon Him?

Why did Jesus willingly take on the brutality of the worst the darkness could throw at Him?

We don't have to wonder. We don't have to guess. All we need to do is to hear and listen to Jesus' own words: "I have not lost even one of those you gave me" (John 18:9).

What are to do with such love? What can we do in light of such supreme grace and mercy?

The love of Jesus disarms us, breaks us, humbles us. The love of God, properly understood, is irresistible.

God thank you for sending Jesus to show your love for me.

Jesus, thank you for your amazing love.

James <><
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