Feb 16, 2008

Robbed of Joy

Of all the people on earth, Christians ought to be the happiest and the most joy-filled people.
  • We were dead in our sins - but now we have been made alive by Jesus Christ
  • We were blind to our purpose - but now we see clearly that we have been created for God's Kingdom ministry
  • We imagined these 70-80 years of existence on earth was it - but now we are citizens of eternity
  • And the list goes on and on.
Christians ought to be the happiest and most joy-filled lot on earth.

But are we in reality? Not so much.

Too many Christians have their joy stolen from them because we do not know who God is and we do not know what our purpose is.

So when life throws us a curve ball, we get all upset and twisted in knots with God because He's not doing what we think God should be doing.
  • Come on God! The Cowboys should always win every Super Bowl. They're my team. What's so hard to understand?
  • Come on God! I should have gotten the promotion and the raise. I'm the good guy. What don't you get about that?
  • Come on God! I can't have cancer. Other people get cancer. But not me. I'm you're number one guy. Cancer shouldn't happen to me.
Because of our misunderstanding of who God is and what our purpose is, joy is stolen from us.

And until we fix those two items - knowing God and discovering our purpose - we will always find ourselves upset.

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