Feb 28, 2008


Lately, my two-year-old son has been seeing monsters.

His three older sisters never saw monsters, but Kaleb is convinced that they are around and they are waiting to hurt him. Kaleb is deathly afraid of the dark, around corners, and particularly closets. Apparently that is where monsters hide before they jump their little boy victims.

I've tried to reason with him by showing and telling him that there are no such things as monsters. And every time he seems okay with the idea that there are no monsters, until he's left by himself or when he has to enter a dark room. He's convinced that they are lurking in the darkness ready to jump him.

So the other day, when Kaleb told me that there was a monster in my room who wanted to hurt him, I asked Kaleb to stand by the door while I walked into the room and declared, "Listen all monsters in the room, and all monsters around the house who has any intention to hurt my little boy. I am the daddy of Kaleb and if you want to hurt or scare Kaleb, I command you to come on out and show yourself. If you are going to get to Kaleb, you are going to have to first go through me. Come out!"

Not one monster showed up. We just stood there in a room. I took Kaleb in my arms and asked him, "Are there any monsters in this house who wants to hurt you? Those monsters are more afraid of daddy than you are of them. No monster will come out to hurt you because they know that they will first have to deal with daddy."

Well, it's been a day and so far, the monsters haven't returned.

I guess monsters are really more afraid of our Daddy, than we are of them.

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