May 19, 2011

16 Hour Cell Phone Talking Woman...Do You Make Your World a Better Place or a Bitter Place?

Have you seen this?

You can read the full story here:

She boarded the "quiet car" at 10pm in Oakland and kept talking for 16 straight hours until she was finally arrested in Oregon after threatening passengers who complained to her about talking straight through the night and most of the day.

How annoying!!!

How can we get to a place as a society where a person has such disregard for everyone else?

  • Did she not know that she was on the "quiet car" where signs are posted about not talking on the cell phone? 
  • Did she not see that the other passengers who were wanting to sleep through the night? 
  • Did she not care that her conversations were bothering everyone around?
It's really sad.

And even after other passengers and train crew asked her to stop, she refused to stop talking and kept at it for hours after.


So, here's the deal. 

There will always be ill-considerate people. 

I for one vow not to allow the actions of another human being determine my treatment of others. 

As far as I can help it, I will choose to make my environment a better place because Jesus is present wherever his disciples are. 

Not only will I choose to live this way, I will do my best to convince others to do the same. 

Friends, let's make our world a better place because Christ is present through us.

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