May 18, 2011

Visiting with the Pastor Is Better than a Visit with the Dentist

Although I've been the pastor at the Little Church on the Prairie for about 15 months, I am still getting to know folks here.

I get to see many people on Sundays but depth of the conversations is at best limited to mutual greetings. "Hey! It was so good to see you! Trust all is well! Have a great day. See you next time!"

I am all for friendly greetings and I truly am glad to see folks on Sundays. But at some point, we're going to have to go deeper in relationships with one another.

I love hearing people's stories. I love to hear about how we've come to where we are in life. I find it so encouraging to hear stories of God's faithfulness and interaction with people throughout their lives.

To aid in getting to know the congregation and to grow deeper in relationship with each other, I have been meeting with folks one on one. So if I have not seen you yet, your turn is coming!

It's been interesting to hear the varied responses to people finding out that the pastor guy wants to visit with them.

Some people welcome the opportunity to visit.

Some are very cautious about the potential visit.

Some people treat the visit as a necessary evil.

After a visit recently I had a person tell me, "Well, visiting with you was better than going to the dentist!"

I guess that's a complement.

I'm glad spending time with me is better than the experience of a dentist drilling one's teeth.

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