May 28, 2011

On This Memorial Weekend...Thank You

I've never lived in a military town before.

I am not sure if Lakewood would be considered a military town. All I know is that there are many military and retired military in my church in the community.

Having lived my life in the midst of so many soldiers and their families for the year or so I have come to an even greater appreciation for the incredible sacrifice of time, effort, and even life itself of our soldiers.

Our warriors do so out of their love for our country, family, and our God. They will continue to give their best and their lives whether the country for whom they sweat and may even die for will ever recognize them for it or not.

Truly, our warriors are our heros.

But we can't just stop there.

As I have been pastoring a congregation with many soldiers, it has become abundantly clear, it's the spouses, children, and parents of our warriors who also make incredible sacrifices.

So as one who benefits from the sacrifices of so many, please here my words as I say from the bottom of my heart:


As your average citizen beneficiary pastor of your sacrifice, please know I consider it my privilege and honor to say prayers for you and your family.

God bless you.

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