May 21, 2011

Pray for Those Who's Hearts Are Broken

For most of us, 6pm May 21, 2011 came and went by without much fanfare or heartache.

I was at a baseball game when 6pm came and went, and I was so caught up in the game I didn't even notice.

However, there were literally hundreds and thousands of people who believed in the ravings of a fool and gave their life savings to him and his ministry.

For them, today was absolute heartache and devastation.

I am not sure what makes people believe in such things. The Bible is crystal clear that even Jesus doesn't know the time of the end of the earth.

Just because someone is on the radio or television, even Christian stations, doesn't mean that they are worth listening to.

I wish this guy only spent his money. But the reality is that hundreds and thousands of people raised the millions of dollars to put this man on radio and purchase all those billboards and ads.

And as the hours came and went, so did their life savings. And all that they are left with is their broken hearts and their broken spirits.

Because of what I know about Jesus Christ, I know that their hearts weren't the only ones broken. God's heart was rendered today.

Please, no more making fun of those who are hurting and lost. Pray that we could all come to a better understanding of the heart of God.

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