Feb 15, 2012

The Amazing Brain and How to Keep It Amazing

The human brain is absolutely amazing.

As long as we continue to work the brain, the brain never stops learning, never stops growing, and never stops improving.

The key is to continue exercising the brain.

Came across the following example of what our brains are capable of on Facebook a few days ago.

See if you can figure out what the following says. At first, it may look like gibberish, but give your brain a few minutes and it will be able to make sense and read that gibberish.

Isn't that amazing?

How can you keep your brain active? Here are a few things you can do.
  • Read. Read books. Read books that tap into your imagination, hopes, and dreams. Read books that help you think new thoughts.
  • Puzzles. Crossword puzzles, word searches, scrabble, sudoku, etc. They are excellent for your brain.
  • Eat healthy. Yes our diet impacts our brain.
  • Finally, exercise. Physical exercise with the increased blood flow helps with brain development.
Got it. 

Now, let's get to work.

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