Feb 24, 2012

Making the Best Lemonade

The 8 who missed the connecting flight chilling at the Delta Sky Lounge at JFK
By now, I should be at Seatac waiting for my luggage. By now, my wife would have met me and given me a hug and a kiss. By now, I should be thinking about what I am going to eat with my wife for lunch.

That is what would have been happening had our team made the connecting flight to Seattle. But in reality, only 4 made that connection. The rest of us are stuck in JFK waiting for our flight at 5:30pm.

Anytime you miss a connection its a pain. Missing the connecting flight after a 12 hour flight on an absolutely jammed packed 747, after being up most of the night because there was a toddler throwing up and crying - that puts missing a connecting flight into a whole different category.

But everyone's trying to keep a good attitude.

As Preston says, "It could could be worse. I could be out on the farm milking cows. And this is way better than that!"

That's right Preston, this is way better than that indeed.

We are safe, we are healthy, and we will be going home.

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