Feb 10, 2012

How to Keep Your Best Performers Motivated...

Imagine a baseball team where the philosophy was to not only treat everyone equally, but in order to demonstrate fairness and value to everyone, the team decided that everyone's salary and benefits would be equal.

How do you think such a team would fair against all the other teams in the major leagues?

Such a plan would be ludicrous.

There is no surer way to frustrate and demotivate your top performers than the institution's inability to differentiate between top performers and to treat them the same as the low performers.

Yet, this is what organizations do all the time.

When the organization evaluates its employees, and if everyone receives high marks on their evaluations, such evaluations are worthless.

This is even more pertinent when the institution is losing market share and is in decline.

How can everyone be performing excellently when the institution is losing? That's ludicrous!

An institution can value people equally, but to pay and treat all people the same will kill high performance.

How is your organization treating your top performers?

How is your organization helping those who are under-performing to get better?

What plans does your organization have to help move the consistently under-performing folks to a new situation where they can thrive?

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